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Here at tegneseriesiden (danish for “the comics page” – catchy, huh?) we wrote about comics: news, background pieces and reviews, but the site closed down for good in the spring of 2011. Feel free to browse the archives and click around for a bit. Oh, and it’s (almost) all in danish. We ran on non-paid staff writers, buckets of coffee and above all an all-encompassing love for comics.

We  won the prestigeous “Best danish comics-related website“-award on the site Seriejournalen.

For the casual english-speaking reader, there’s not much to do here.

If you’re a publisher (big or small) and would like for us to review some of your comics, don’t bother. The site is closed. Consider paying a visit.

If you’re an penciller or writer who has found the site during your daily (hourly?) google seaches of your name (we know that you do it. It’s ok – we do it, too!), we’re more than happy to provide you with a summary of what we’ve written about you (use the contact form linked above), but we don’t currently have the resources to provide you with full translations. We’ll of course appreciate any links to our site!

Any questions? Feel free to use the contact form linked above.


Ulf Reese Næsborg, Editor In Chief.

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